Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Sister #1 (The middle sister)

My sister is amazing. On Monday she wrote a beautiful post on the Facebook about me, and since it was a group effort I felt I owed her a post all her own.

I think we've established by now that I have a lot of fears. My husband gently puts it that I need a lot of hand holding. I did bite the bullet last year and signed up to lead a class in the middle school youth group. But I didn't want to do it alone so I dragged my sister with me. She didn't exactly kick and scream. :)

So the leader of the big youth group has been begging all year for small group leaders to lead the big group for a week. At the beginning of this year Kelly saw something I didn't, a class that would play to our strengths perfectly. Words with Friends. So after weeks of preparation we finally held our class and it was amazing. My teacher-in-training sister put the program together, came up with games, tempered my crazy ideas- and that was just in the planning stages!

I'll just say we knocked it out of the park. We had other group leaders telling us how great our program was, it was an amazing feeling. Especially when our program was geared to using our words in a positive way!

But what I can't stress enough is I would never have done it without her. I would have been totally lost this whole year without her. Scratch that, I would have been lost my whole life without her. So what I'm saying is: Thank you Mom, for deciding to procreate beyond me.

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