Monday, August 31, 2015

Ready, Set, Write! Wrap-Up

It's late, so I'll be brief. Which suits my writing style.

I have taken Beauty Bound from 80,000 words to almost 100,000. Because of the revisions I put the query search on hold. But I will be picking back up with a new and improved MS.

I added 8,420 words to Arrow Nocked.

I ran two chapters of Survivors through critique group, then put it on hold. It needs more time and research.

The most important accomplishment of the summer was one I hadn't planned on. I feel like I took a step forward in my writing. Through some excellent feedback and critique I saw a huge writing issue that I had. So my MS is so much better now, I feel embarrassed for even thinking the first one was ok.

Because I have to go into work tomorrow, I can't use the paint quite like I had intended. But I would use the following colors:

Dark green on the thumb- to represent the growth and spirituality in nature
Blue on the index finger- to represent the ocean and sky as they point to peace
Red on the middle finger- to flip off the evil
Light green on the ring finger- for a secret twist
Pink on the pinkie- for the littlest surprise

Have a wonderful rest of the year. Keep up the wonderful words!

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  1. Aw, please don't feel embarrassed about how you felt about your first version! I think it's better to be proud of how much you've grown instead. :) And you've made so much progress on your stories too! It sounds like it's been a pretty productive summer for you. :)

    I love how you've planned out your nails--particularly the middle finger! *grins* Good luck for autumn!