Monday, February 3, 2014

Editing Mach 1: Where to start?

The first read through, ah how it sucks.  I rushed through the last chapters of the story to get them down on paper, thinking that I could fix it in the editing process.  I had such grandiose plans and a schedule.  Best laid plans, right?

Now I sit down and I have my software up and I don't even know where to start.  I have characters coming in and out with no purpose, plot lines with no purpose, a story world that exists in the second half to incorporate into the first half, and just all over terribly written stuff.  Not to mention about two thirds of the way through process I read some articles about not including adjectives and to keep the writing brief and to the point.  So I toyed with it a little in my last couple of chapters and the response I got was overwhelmingly negative.  Now I get to fix that as well.  The one thing I can say that is positive is that since there are people who have read it all the way through, I have a lot of great feedback on how to fix things.

But at the moment I sit down at my computer and try to figure out where to start in my huge list of problems.  Does anyone have a specific way that they complete edits?

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